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4 Office Additions To Battle Coronavirus

Several case studies are happening all around the country as it relates to offices reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Bishop Ranch in San Ramon is home to 600 companies, including AT&T, General Electric and Chevron headquarters. Many have reopened and are conducting daily temperature checks for all employees, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Here in the metroplex most counties are requiring face mask in public places. Whether you work in an office, warehouse, or supermarket, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of everyone inside.

Closed waste baskets

The World Health Organization's (WHO) official position is that COVID-19 is primarily spread by person-to-person contact. They do not believe the disease is airborne. But research regarding transmission of the disease is ongoing and incomplete.

Waste baskets contain a lot of germs. Whether its paper towels in the bathroom, facial tissue filled with mucus, or half-eaten food, waste baskets are germ havens. Covered waste baskets mitigate the potential spread of bacteria and viruses.

Motion lights

The idea here is to limit the number of surfaces employees have to touch in order to function in the office. Motion lights not only prevent unnecessary touching of switches, but are also environmentally-friendly additions to any office.

Keep the touchless theme by installing sensors on bathroom sinks and toilets.

Plexiglass barriers

The new norm in post COVID-19 society, plexiglass dividers have numerous applications. Many offices are retrofitting cubicles with plexiglass barriers to ensure social distancing guideline are met. Open office workstations are also being fitted with transparent plexiglass sneeze guards that both maintain the open floor plan and add safety measures.

Portable plexiglass dividers are also available. Older and higher-risk workers can simply check them out at the beginning of the day and return them for someone to use on the next shift.

Boost immune system

Virtually every breakroom in America has a coffee maker and filtered water tanks. Make green and black tea available to workers. Both contain antioxidants, compounds that boost the immune system with oxidation-inhibiting properties. Add your favorite brand of vitamin C mix to your breakroom selection as well. Workers pour the packets into glasses of water for both flavor and antioxidant consumption.

The Eggleston Group is the premier Texas provider for all your plexiglass needs. Whether you need 500 cubicles retrofitted with sneeze guards or a few cash registers with open slots at the bottom; we have solutions. Turnaround times are 5-14 days depending on project size and scope. Give us a call today at 469-324-5600 to discuss your project.

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