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Designing an Inspiring Break Room: Furniture for Relaxation and Creativity

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ll-designed break room is more than just a place for employees to grab a snack; it is a sanctuary for relaxation and creativity. Providing the right furniture and ambiance in your break room can have a profound impact on employee well-being and productivity. At The Eggleston Group, we understand the significance of a well-thought-out break room and offer a range of furniture solutions to create an inspiring space for your team. In this blog, we explore the essential elements of an inspiring break room and how The Eggleston Group can help you transform it into a haven for relaxation and creativity. For expert guidance and a wide selection of break room furniture, contact us at 469-324-5600 or visit our website at

Comfortable Lounge Seating

Comfort is key in a break room. The Eggleston Group offers a variety of lounge seating options, from plush sofas to cozy armchairs, ensuring employees can unwind and recharge

during their breaks. Comfortable seating encourages relaxation and fosters a positive atmosphere in the break room.

Versatile Tables for Productivity

In addition to relaxation, a well-designed break room should also cater to creativity. Versatile tables, such as coffee tables and communal workstations from The Eggleston Group, offer employees a space to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, or work on personal projects during their downtime.

Vibrant and Relaxing Colors

Colors have a significant impact on mood and creativity. Consider incorporating vibrant and relaxing colors in your break room design. Soft blues and greens can promote a calming atmosphere, while splashes of bold colors can inspire creativity and energy.

Natural Elements and Biophilic Design

Bringing elements of nature into the break room can have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. Biophilic design, such as adding plants or nature-inspired artwork, connects employees with the outdoors, enhancing their overall well-being and creativity.

Relaxing Soundscapes

Create a soothing auditory experience in the break room with calming soundscapes or soft background music. The Eggleston Group's sound-absorbing furniture and acoustic solutions can help minimize noise distractions, allowing employees to enjoy a peaceful break.

Breakout Areas for Privacy

Design breakout areas within the break room to provide employees with privacy for personal calls, reading, or quiet reflection. The Eggleston Group's selection of privacy screens and modular seating can help create these private spaces seamlessly.

Inspiring Wall Art

Incorporate motivational and inspiring wall art to uplift and motivate employees during their breaks. Thoughtful artwork can create a positive and inspiring atmosphere, fostering creativity and a sense of belonging.

An inspiring break room is a valuable investment in employee well-being and productivity. By designing a space that prioritizes relaxation, creativity, and comfort, you create a haven for employees to recharge and find inspiration. From comfortable lounge seating and versatile tables to biophilic design elements and inspiring artwork, The Eggleston Group offers a wide range of break room furniture solutions to transform your space into a hub of relaxation and creativity. Contact us at 469-324-5600 or visit our website at to explore our break room furniture collection and create an inspiring retreat for your team.

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