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Its Time to Modernize Your Reception Desk

As the backbone and often, the first impression of your business, your receptionist works hard to make sure your company runs smoothly. Their front office serves as the theoretical storefront for customers and clients. By updating your reception desk, your staff, clients, and most importantly -- your wallet, will thank you.

How A New Desk Can Increase Worker Satisfaction

Any worker can tell you that their office space is often a reflection of their mental state in the office. If their office area is cluttered and filled with papers and files everywhere, it won’t surprise you to find out this worker feels overwhelmed. On the other hand, a clean organized space usually belongs to an organized individual.

Not everyone works in a spotless perfection, but we can help our employees to do their best by providing them with appropriate workspace.

The secretary or front desk personnel of your business need a desk that is both functional and visually appealing, because they serve as the customer facing side of most companies. If your front office looks like a papier-mâché bomb exploded and your employees are sifting through mountains of documents, the efficiency of operations is going down.

What is the best way to find out what they need? Ask them!

By including their input, they will feel valued as a worker and take responsibility for their work area. In addition, they are more likely to keep their area clean and clutter free! Happy employees mean a happy work environment for everyone, including your customers!

Improve Your Brand Reputation

Both new and old businesses know the significance of having a solid reputation. Without that, your clients won’t recommend your services and new customers are less likely to choose you over a competitor.

Now, building a brand is no small task, but there are tiny steps you can take to help create the image you want over time. One critical area for improvement is the front desk of any modern business. How many times have you entered into a tiny cramped and dusty front office? Don’t let that be you!

Re-doing the office doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but the main point of focus in any reception area should be the intake desk. We want to draw the eye of the client directly to your staff.

Even a small desk can be tastefully added to any space to showcase the professionalism of your company. In the photo above, a simple wood desk with a couple flowerpots helps to define the space between the office and waiting area. The clean and clutter-free tabletop implies that the receptionist has my full attention if needed.

The next time you walk into the office, take a look at how your office presents itself to someone who just walked in for the first time. If you don’t get a great impression, it may be time to call The Eggleston Group 469-324-5600.

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