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Never Replace Your Chair Mat Again By Choosing Beautiful Glass

Clearly Innovative Chair Mats

A beautifully functional and lasting piece of office furniture. Not an office supply item you buy, wear out and throw away. Check out these six benefits:

Glass: It Beats the Alternative

Most people think chair mats are ugly, especially when they turn yellow over time. Why cover beautiful carpet or a fancy rug with something ugly? With our transparent glass chair mats, we offer a smart, functional alternative to the traditional ugly vinyl mat for today’s working office. It’s more than the classy appearance, it’s the unmatched durability. Glass chair mats will protect your carpet or hardwood floors with it’s ultimate advantages over plastic, or not using a chair mat at all.

In other words, you will NEVER REPLACE A CHAIR MAT AGAIN!

You Won’t Find One Quite Like It

Did you ever think a chair mat could be associated with your safety and overall health? Yes, your health matters, so why not use an ergonomic chair mat WITH your ergonomic chair? Glass reduces stress on your body with the patented beveled edge for easy rolling (you roll an average of 300 times a day, but now you could use 50% less force to get your chair rolling vs. plastic mats!)

Check out our affiliate site and get some glass chair mats today!

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