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Three Major Ways Cubicles for Offices May Convince You to Rethink Your Workspace

Even if your business is not struggling, the findings of recent studies may help you see areas in need of improvement. Left unaddressed, some office design layouts can be detrimental to the well being of workspaces. 

To the surprise of many (at first), studies repeatedly confirm that open office plans invite problems. We say “at first,” because now, the issues surrounding open workspaces are more widely known. Although property and office managers initially embraced open-space concepts in their offices to encourage collaboration, free movement, and a less oppressive atmosphere, they soon learned a few harsh realities:

Productivity declined. Absenteeism rose. People became less communicative. 

One study demonstrated that employees in an open work environment spent fewer than 72% of their time interacting with coworkers in person. Instead, they often opted for instant messaging … to people in close proximity! So though the open office setup might seem like a way to facilitate more in-person collaboration, the reality is quite different.

The evidence remains clear … cubicles for offices rid you of many potential problems while boosting productivity. Here are three major ways:

  • Privacy From Coworkers

Part of why some of those previously mentioned employees shirked away from in-person communication was because they felt they were at the whim of prolonged conversations. Cubicles, especially those with varying heights for privacy, help eliminate these issues and thereby re-invite face-to-face interaction.

  • Protection From Interruption 

Hot-desk seating and open, drop-in desks are subject to constant interruption—be it noises, people, or even pets (many modern offices allow them)! Office cubicles reduce ambient noise and provide coworkers a more conscious barrier so that they think twice before settling into another person’s space. 

  • Protection From Germs (and Other Health Hazards)

It’s clear that COVID-19 changed the realm of the office indefinitely when it comes to layout, design, and overall safety. Employers must be more cognizant of providing social distancing between employees. Office cubicles have become a welcome way to provide employees protection and keep them safely distanced.  

If employees know that you have taken the time to grant them the privacy, autonomy, safety, and protection they crave, increased productivity (and resulting profitability) in your workspace will likely be a positive outcome! 

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