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What’s Your ROI On A High-Performance Task Chair?

For most office employees, an average day is spent seated at their desk. This means that on average, workers can spend about 40 hours a week sitting.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of an exceptional task chair when creating the office budget, but the return on investment of that chair is exceedingly higher than that of an inferior quality one. When assessing the cost of ergonomic task chairs, do not fall victim to the increased cost. Instead, compare the actual price with the financial benefits and the resulting outcomes.  

According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, “For every dollar invested in employee safety, there is a savings of between three and six dollars.” These savings can be seen in the workplace through reduced absenteeism, decreased cost per claim, and a decrease in work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

The less time employees spend at the doctor, the more money the business saves as a whole. Insurance benefits can be extremely costly for a business, so investing in products that reduce the overall cost is wise.

Not only do high-performance ergonomic chairs assist in keeping employees healthy, but they have been proven to keep employees on task as well. In 2008, the Journal of Safety Research found that through the course of 40 studies, office workers who were provided better designed ergonomic chairs experienced an average of 17 percent higher productivity than those with basic office chairs.  

If an employee is suffering from discomfort throughout their workday, they become distracted, agitated, and frustrated. They may also experience a loss of morale with the company, as they feel as though they are not valued or appreciated.

A high-performance task chair has become an essential part of the modern workplace. While cutting costs on ergonomic chairs may seem appealing at a glance, the physical and mental benefits that employees gain far outweigh the initial cost. Providing a significant tool for workers that is used the majority of the day is an investment that should be made.

Give The Eggleston Group a call today and let us find the right task chair for your employees and your budget.

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