The world of “traditional” office furniture has changed.  Desks take on new approaches and become different solutions based on the clients’ needs and office environment. Chairs have more options than a normal brain can process.  Even cubicles have morphed.  They used to be tall office replacements and now function as multilevel task efficiency tools.  From Benching to sit/stands the options are endless.    Let an Office Coach from the Eggleston Group help you navigate that new world.


Our installation team takes care of all of the installation process.   From delivery to installation to clean up, they take care of it all.  They make moves easy.  They reconfigure your space like the old pros that they are.  We have contracts with several firms that have our team members show up at their locations and work everyday.  That’s all ok with us too.  This is about helping you get the office you desire and a price you can afford.


Unlock the potential of your office space with a free consultation from Eggleston Group. Our professional design team will come to you and measure your space for free. 

When you hire our design team, they will study the current workflow and task distributions in your office, and will put together the most efficiently organized space to solve your office needs within your budget. We will provide the cad designs and 3D renderings that will allow you to make as many changes as it takes to make the space perfect.  All of this is, of course, at no cost to your service.  It’s the only way that we can provide you the right products and make sure they fit your space and needs.


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